Easter Holidays near the Lake of Constance  0

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The first journey this year – Skiing holidays in the alps!  0



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Hello! That`s me!  0



Although I don`t like so much presenting me and especially pictures of me…. I promised – and here I am!

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Hello and Happy New Year!  0

Dear friends!

Last year was very busy. Working a fulltime job as single mom with three kids, I tried to travel as much as possible. This is what makes me happy! So this year I want to tell you more about me and what I am doing. I write in english now, please excuse my mistakes!

2015 I made five journeys and two short trips. Try to make a post with pictures for each. And of course for the coming journey, skiing holidays in the italian alps, starting tomorrow!

Ein Schönes Neues Jahr 2015 !  0



Ich wünsche Euch ACHTSAMKEIT – beachtet auch kleine oder stille Schönheit!

Ich wünsche Euch AUFMERKSAMKEIT – innezuhalten, denn jeder Moment ist einzigartig und unwiederbringlich!

Ich wünsche Euch ZUFRIEDENHEIT – seht Euch an, was Ihr habt!

Ich wünsche Euch DANKBARKEIT – – – – –