Hello new year! Hello new decade!

Something is different to the last years. The feeling of changes. No, feeling is not strong enough: it`s the urge to change! Life does not fit anymore.

When I look back I see a complete change in the year 2000 and another massive change in 2010 in my life. Maybe just a coincidence.

2010 my then-husband left. Separation and divorce went over years and he still tries to (bad) influence our lives. My three children were young then. We moved far away to my hometown.

The past six years I did a job and we travelled a lot. So much that I could not keep up posting about the travels. With the job and as a single mom there was no time left. No time for me and the things I love. No time for relationships. That`s the sadest part. Two of my children are grown up, study and live their lives.

I don`t like my job and don`t like my living situation. I have no friends.

Decisions are made and more decisions must be made. It`s never easy to go a new path.