Hello! That`s me!
Hello! That`s me!

Hello! That`s me!



Although I don`t like so much presenting me and especially pictures of me…. I promised – and here I am!

My Name is Doris Tschol and I started this blog 2013 to connect myself to the world. At this time I lived in a very small town in the middle of – landscape! – in Austria. I had a big, old house, a garden, three kids and no job, many ideas and very little money.

Until now I hesitated showing pictures of me and telling private details, but I know: you want to see me and read something about me – so here we go!

First I wrote in german, my language, but I think I should try english to reach more readers.

In the last three years my life changed completely. My children and I left our house and moved to the other side of Austria, to the village where I grew up. We had the possibility to rent a flat and so we packed. First the location changed, then our lifes. My wonderful children made new friends and I got a job in the municipal administration! Well, it`s not the job I had dreamed of (I studied architecture), but it gives me income, it is near and the people are nice.

Doing a fulltime job as a single mom is a huge exercise as many women know. That`s why there is not much time left for me and the little things I loved to do. Some remained. I have a very small garden now, but I can grow flowers and herbs. I still make my own soap. And sometimes I sit down to my sewing machine and make something. Last march in Florence I bought a small sketch book tied up in suede leather. I always think I could draw more…

I won`t complain, my situation is better than before, I earn some money (could be more :)) and this allows me to do what I love very much – travelling!

Travelling the world, seeing everything with my own eyes – is a lifelong dream of me!

In my twenties, as a student, I did some travelling, but then the kids came, the house…and holidays changed. After a family holiday – all inclusive- in greece in 2007, I decided that this would have been the last one!

What could I do then?

When I was a child, my family made camping holidays in France and Corsica. My brother still practised that with his wife. He said: “Take my camping equipment and try it!” So lovely of him!

My husband at that time didn`t want to do this, so I went with the kids, the youngest was two and a half then. I packed the car and drove to Hungary, first Balaton, then across the country to Debrecen. A real road trip, a wonderful adventure and fun for the children and me!

So we made camping holidays from 2008 to 2014. We travelled in Italy, Croatia, France, Croatia again, Montenegro, Croatia again – it is so beautiful!- and in 2014 across Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia!

The last two years we made additional short-trips in spring and autumn and this month our first skiing holiday!

So I decided to write more regularly on the blog, in fact I didn`t post for one year! I post pictures on instagram, but writing takes much more time. I want to take time for it – at night of course – because my days are full!